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The FM title was a long and arduous journey to achieve. This feat could not have been achieved without the help of classmate FM Yi Liu and coach GM Moulthun Ly. Training and learning together with Yi was not only a rewarding experience but a valuable one with his advanced knowledge on specific openings (for me it was the French Defence and the Queen's Gambit Declined) and constant blitz practice. Yi loves sharing his valuable insight on the game of chess as well his continuous desire to improve everyday. Learning under FM Yi would not just be a lesson but an experience you will cherish. If you seek improvement and learning, he will show you the way.


GM Moulthun Ly has vast amount of knowledge and experience in coaching. He strives to analyse your strengths and weaknesses and enhance them further. He will help expand your strengths as well as fix your weaknesses through his wide repertoire of chess topics. GM Moulthun will help you see chess in a different way you never seen before.

FIDE Master Charles Tsai

Charles was Churchie Chess Captain and Premier Board 1 in 2015.

Charles achieved the FM title in 2016

I’ve known FIDE Master Yi for numerous years as a friend and recently as a co-coach at King’s Christian College & Cookies Chess. He is an enthusiastic coach who Genuinely cares for the development of each individual student. My twins (Siannah & Sophiah), love his lessons and say they “enjoy his brain teasers the most”.


Yi celebrates the wins & journeys through the losses. His Passion to see others succeed is inspiring, and reminds me that I have the best job in the world! Equipping the next generation to make smart choices, through learning the brilliant game of chess.

Steven Cooke, King's Christian College chess coordinator

Siannah and Sophiah are part of the Kings Primary Girls team.

Rating from 475 to 631 in the matter of a year, my son was awarded Most Improved Player by NSW Junior Chess League in 2020, and reaching #1 on the Under 8 list. This could definitely not have been achieved without Clive's attentive coaching. Clive is truly an amazing coach and fantastic influencor. His patient and friendly attitude always keeps my son at ease. With fun and learning all encompassed at once, Clive always makes my son looking forward to their next lesson together.

Yifei Hu's Dad

Yifei was awarded Most Improved Player by NSW Junior Chess League in 2020, and is currently #1 ranked player in the U8 rating list

The Summer Invitational was well organised and ran extremely smoothly. It was a great opportunity to be able to practice chess whilst meeting new people from all over the country. I'd highly recommend for anyone that enjoys chess and has time to participate in future events!

Cameron McGowan

Cameron is the current Australian Junior Chess Champion, and came 1st place in Group C of the AJCoC Summer Invitational Round Robin.

The tournament is amazing since I can play with people at different levels. I was able to make this learning experience fun and interesting.

Jessica Wang

Jessica began learning chess in December 2020. She finished on a commendable 3.5/7 in Group A of the AJCoC Summer Invitational Swiss

It was a great journey for my son to participate in the invitational swiss organised by AJCOC as a beginner. Not only the game enhanced him in terms of capacity for logical thinking but also enriched him in the way that how he should interactive with opponents and peers.


Especially, I appreciated very much the opportunity to challenge FIDE Master Yi Liu as a bonus at the end. That’s a fantastic way to let kids understand that learning is an infinite process and your passion is the best companion.

Brooks Zhang's Mum

The AJCoC Summer Invitational Swiss (Group A) was Brooks' first chess tournament. Brooks finished on an outstanding 4.5/7

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