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School Classes

The Australian Junior Chess Academy school program is flexible and can be fully integrated into the schedule of the school. We provide weekly chess lessons – before, during lunch or after school.
Chess Classroom at King's Christian College

AJCA has created a curriculum for developing students that extends across three semesters. The curriculum utilises the latest training methods originating from the highly successful and well renowned Russian and Dutch chess schools. This program has been adapted and improved to meet the needs of our Australian juniors, based on the extensive experience of our coaching team.

Typically, a school class begins with the coach explaining the core concept in an interactive lecture using a demonstration board, starting with basic structures and working towards more complex examples. Students are then given the opportunity to play games against each other, putting newly learned strategies into practice, and receive personal feedback from the coach. Playing is an integral part of learning.

Australian Junior Chess Academy school students
Australian Junior Chess Academy school student 2

At the end of each lesson, the coach will hand out a worksheet to each student that includes a summary of the key concept of the lesson as well as additional exercises to put the motif into practice. Students usually love solving these puzzles! Reviewing class material at home significantly boosts learning retention. 

Awards are given to students to positively reinforce healthy learning habits. The coach will seek to recognise excellent problem solving skills, significant improvement, or outstanding effort. As students accumulate awards they may exchange these for chess-themed novelty prizes.

Australian Junior Chess on Cloud lesson reward keyring
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