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Private Lessons

Private lessons are for students who are passionate about chess and are looking for specialised instruction to stand out among their peers. Private lessons include a dynamic custom tailored lesson plan to suit each students’ strengths and weaknesses. The coach will continue to monitor progress and adapt the lesson plan as necessary.
Australian Junior Chess Academy lesson worksheets

AJCA coaches adopt an endgame-first approach.

We will always ensure that endgame fundamentals are covered before moving to other aspects of chess.

Lesson topics include working on opening repertoire, explaining essential tactical and strategical themes, and rigorous training exercises.


At the end of each lesson, the coach will assign work to be completed before the next lesson. This may be in the form of PGN files to review, Chapters to be covered in recommended books, or puzzle sheets.


Students are encouraged to commit a minimum 20 minute per night (on average) directed practice outside of lesson time for serious improvement.

Students are reminded to bring their game notation so that the coach can analyse their games in detail. This is extremely helpful for improving a student’s standard of play, as the coach can identify and explain strengths and weaknesses in the student’s play. This will help students to focus on which areas need further development to become a more complete chess player.

Australian Junior Chess Academy Teacher Clive Ng
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