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Why We Love Chess

Chess is the ultimate game of strategy.

It is unprejudiced and highly democratic - anyone can play regardless of age and gender.  All of us play under absolutely fair and equal conditions using the same universal rules. There is no random element of luck; players are entirely responsible for the consequences of every move.

Educational Benefits

Chess is a series of dynamic logic problems, an opportunity for students to practise their concentration, patience and resilience, memory, and critical and abstract thinking. The educational benefits of chess are featured most prominently in mathematics. The Literature Review of Chess Studies concludes that “After-school chess programs had a positive and statistically significant impact on student mathematics outcomes.” (Nicotera et al., 2014, p. 4).​

Playing chess assists in inspiring curiosity in the journey of becoming a lifelong learner.

Chess teaches humility and dignity, in both victory and defeat, behavioural values which shape their beliefs, efforts and relationships with others. Students learn to treat loss as an opportunity for growth - a gift to help focus on areas needing improvement.

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